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Russell is a .Net developer based in Lancashire in the UK.  His day job is as a C# developer for the UK's largest online white-goods retailer, DRL Limited.

His weekend job entails alternately demolishing and constructing various bits of his home, much to the distress of his fiance Kelly, 3-year-old daughter Amelie, and menagerie of pets.


  1. Fix dodgy keywords Google is scraping from my blog
  2. Complete migration of NHaml from Google Code to GitHub
  3. ReTelnet Mock Telnet Server à la Jetty
  4. Learn to use Git
  5. Complete beta release FHEMDotNet
  6. Publish FHEMDotNet on Google Code
  7. Learn NancyFX library
  8. Pull RussPAll/NHaml into NHaml/NHaml
  9. Open Source Blackberry Twitter app
  10. Other stuff

Shuffling content around

Hi all,

Just a quick post to advise that I'm going to start making more use of our FHEMDotNet space over on Google Code, which to begin with means moving reference-type blog content over to the wiki at, and making this blog more about the development process.  FHEM-specific content will be moved over to the FHEMWiki site, where it really belongs.

On the subject of the "development process", right now I've got five priorities,pretty much in the following order:


  1. Test-driven development - I want to adopt an extreme TDD approach on this project, to contrast with a much more relaxed testing strategy I use in my day job.
  2. MVC - To aid in making as much code testable as possible, this will be my first web project written in MVC
  3. Agile Methodology - I'm going to be adopting an agile methodology, so the aim is to release early and release often,
  4. Personal Use of the Software - I actually have a full FHT installation running my home heating, so obviously this software is catering for my own needs first!
  5. My First Open-Source Contribution - This will be my first open source project, so of course this will be the first time I offer my code up to public scrutiny.


The key features in the first few releases of the software have been confirmed, so I'm currently beavering away readying the first release to give minimal device visibility and configuration.  More news as and when it's available!

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